How to play.

“HOW TO” for hunters:

  1. Teleport over to the Cutie Collective Headquarters.
  2. Locate the “Click here to collect HUD” sign above the fireplace.
  3. Make sure to grab the store landmark notecard while you’re there!


4. Accept the HUD object, right click and select “add”. Leave this HUD on throughout the entire hunt.

Step 4

5. Now you’re ready to begin the hunt. Choose your first store and teleport.

step 5

6. Once you’re at the store, search for the hunt item (preview located on the top left of the HUD *this is what you’re looking for*)

7. Once found, simply click on the hunt object. This will then “unlock” the stores charm on the HUD and you can move onto the next store on your list.

step 6-7

step 6-7 part 2


8. Complete step 6-7 until all of your charms are unlocked.

step 10

9. Teleport back to the Cutie Collective Headquarters.

10. With your HUD still on and complete, click the vendors rezzed out on the shelves to receive your prizes.

That’s it! Good luck and happy hunting.

If you need any help, feel free to message rockstarroo GossipGirl or use the in-world hunter group for help.